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Bleach: A New life
Chapter 16: It’s a…

“AGGGGHHH!!!” screamed Rukia as her uterus contracted again. Ichigo held her hand as she struggled with the pain. He was trying extremely hard not to scream out in pain as nearly every bone in his hand was destroyed.

“Hang on there Rukia-chan.” commented Yuzu as she and Karin both wiped away the sweat that poured down Rukia’s forehead. They both had taken up the nurse positions after the two original nurses had both received atomic wedgies from the in labor women for not as she said, wiping her forehead properly. Isshin told poor girls to take the day off.

Outside the massive group sat in the waiting area, flinching at every scream they heard come from the room.

“Oh poor Rukia-san.” whimpered Orihime as she heard her friend in pain.

“Poor Rukia? Poor Kurosaki!” corrected the blue haired arrancar.

“You have a point there.” said Stark lying back in his chair.

“Huh? What do you two mean?”

“What we mean is, who do you think the small fry is taking her pain and messed up hormones out on?” answered the former Primera.


Renji despite being a close friend of Rukia’s was not allowed in, and as such just talked with Momo and Kira.

“YYYYEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!!” Another scream came from the room. This time everyone knew it was Ichigo. They knew she had finally broken his hand.

“Jeez, remind me never to get a girl pregnant.” Renji said with a shudder.

“Yeah. I know what you mean.” nodded Izuru in agreement.

“Hey don’t go thinking about me.” Momo said with hands on her hips and walked away. The two men looked at each other confused.

“Did either of us imply we were thinking about her?” Renji asked lifting one of his freaky eyebrows.

“I don’t think so.”

Before any more of the conversations around the waiting area could continue, Rukia’s loudest scream erupted through the entire vicinity. Every single person in the room shot towards the door, trying to get a listen of what was going on.
Inside, Rukia was panting heavily and sweating buckets.

“That’s it Rukia-chan, push. Push.” calmly said the braided black haired women to the girl with spread legs.


“Hehe that’s a good one Rukia…Unohana-san, please tell me that it’s almost out.” whispered Ichigo to the women as he begged for this to be over.

“It’s almost there Kurosaki-kun.”

“AAAGGGHHH!!! THANK KAMI SHE WANTS TO COME OUT!!!” cried Rukia as she pushed again.

Ichigo looked shocked, “S-She!?!”

“Don’t ask how Ichigo-baka…but I got a feeling it’s a girl!”

“Oh I see the head!” shouted the fourth company captain as a pale dome came into her view.

Everyone held their breath when they heard this. The moment of truth had come. The child of Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia was about to be fully born into the world.

“One more time Rukia-chan. Push with all you got.” said Unohana as she prepared to grab the baby.

“AGGGGGGHHHHH!!!” screamed Rukia one final time as she gave it her all.

Time seemed to stand still for Ichigo as a small body emerged from his girlfriend’s womb. It was covered in some blood and its face was scrunched up as it began to cry. On its small head it had what looked like a few strands of black hair. It was a child, Rukia’s child…his child.

The crying of the baby gave everyone outside a big sigh of relief. The main group of Ichigo’s friends including Urahara and his feline lover began to shed tears of happiness. Ulquiorra just gave a quick smile as he heard the infant’s wails. Grimmjow just shrugged but did give a minuet smile at the door from where the crying came from.

“Kurosaki-kun would you care to cut the cord?” offered Unohana as she held a pair of medical scissors up to the boy.

“S-sure.” Ichigo stuttered as the fact that he was now a real father. He snipped the cord from the child’s body after stumbling with scissors for a second.

“W-well Unohana-taicho…what is it?” quietly spoke up Rukia from her position.

“Hmmm let me see.” she said holding the infant she just began to clean.

“…Rukia-chan it appears you were right. Congratulations you two, you’re the parents of a beautiful baby girl.” the older women said wrapping the weeping child in a pink blanket and handing her over to her exhausted mother.

“HOOORRRAAYYY!!! MISAKAI!!! OUR FIRST GRANDCHILD IS A GIRL!!!” proclaimed Isshin while doing a three sixty in the air. Only to have his head bashed in by his tomboyish daughter.

“For once in your life can’t you take events like this more seriously?!” whisper shouted Karin into her father’s ear. Yuzu jumped up and down at the news, tears streaming down her face. Nel even jumped and down with her.

Rukia quickly saw that one of the reasons her new daughter was crying was because she was hungry. She lifted down the left side of her dress and put the infant’s mouth up to her breast to let her suckle.

“Byakuya-sama. We have a niece!” Hisana wept as she clung onto her husband’s arm.

“…H-hai…we do…” the captain said with a small tear coming to his eye, to which he quickly blinked away.

‘YES!!! I’ve got a baby girl cousin!!!’ cheered Chiaki in her thoughts.

Ichigo wrapped his arm around his love as he watched his new born daughter take fill of her very first meal. Some tears filled his eyes as she drank. Rukia looked up at him with her indigo eyes filled with her own emotional liquids.

“Ic…Ichigo. W-We have a daughter.”

“I-I know…we have our own little hime.” the strawberry said as he continued to look at his child.

“So what’s her name going to be?” Unohana inquired walking over to the new parents.

“Eh?” both said at the same time, and looked down at the suckling new born.

“…Ru-Rukia…you choose her name…” Ichigo said with a teary smile.

“But Ichigo…”

The door to the room burst open with Grimmjow standing in the doorway with annoyed look on his face.

“Can you two for once not go back and forth about who does F’ing what?” questioned the panther arrancar to the couple. Everyone behind him just sweat dropped a hello.

“…” was Ichigo’s reply.

“…” was Rukia’s.

“…Fine. You! Onna! Pick a name!” Grimmjow said pointing to the young mother.

“A-Alright……how about...Himiko” she asked, consulting her soul mate.

“Himiko.” he repeated to himself getting a feel for the name. And as if acknowledging to it, the tiny girl opened her eyes and looked at her father. His amber eyes stared back into hers. However her eyes were much different than anyone thought. Each eye was a different color. Her right was amber like her father’s and the left was indigo like her mother’s.

The tiny Kurosaki/Kuchiki reached out for her male parent cooing loudly for him. Only a half an hour into the world and she already wanted him to hold her. He placed both his now casted broken hand and good one under the delicate body and began to cradle her, swaying her back and forth gently.  Himiko yawned quietly and began to cuddle closer to her father.

“AAAAAWWWW.” was all that could come from the large group of witnesses.

Rukia looked at this happiness as she felt a wave of drowsiness overtake her. She passed out on the pillow, a small smile still on her face. Ichigo with Himiko still in his arms rushed over in a panic to see if she was alright.

“Stay calm Ichigo.” The voice of Isshin said, as the man pulled himself off the ground.

“Stay calm? How? Rukia might be…”

“She’s just tired. Kami knows who could blame her. After going through all that of course she’d be tir…nay exhausted! Think with your head boy!” claimed the father of three as he smacked his oldest in the back of the head.

“You know normally I would kick your ass for doing that. But I don’t want to wake them up.” the soon to be captain referred to his love and daughter.

“Already you’re thinking like a father my boy.” grinned the former shinigami. “Now please let me hold her!!! I want to hold my granddaughter!!!” he wept begging with comedic pursed lips and an outstretched hug. His black haired shingami daughter simply held him back.

“Ichigo-san.” Hisana said softly as she walked slowly over to him. “May I hold her? Please.”

“Sure. I think she wouldn’t mind being hel…Hey what the?” he questioned as he felt a tug on his shirt. Everyone looked down to find that Himiko was clutching her Otou-san’s shirt tightly, clearly wanting to stay with him.

“Well I can see that she wants to stay with you a little longer.” Hisana smiled as she backed away, seeing that it wasn’t time yet to hold her niece.

“Gomen nasai Hisana-san.” Ichigo apologized with a sweat drop.

“Kurosaki Ichigo…” came a low growl from the corner. Everyone turned to see Byakuya walking slowly and menacingly up to the teen father. His eyes were covered by a shadowy rage. He stopped about a foot in front of him, and his unseen eyes burned into the boy’s flesh.

“B-Byakuya…wh-what’s wrong?” despite being the same height, for some reason right now Ichigo felt very small.

“Earlier today I was about to kill you…again, for what you did.”

“A-nd…what did I do?”

“You suggested MY daughter to be a captain? Ring any bells?” the man with family heirlooms in his hair said. Chiaki nearly had a heart attack hearing this.

“Oh th-that. Well I only did it because she’s strong, intelligent and more open minded than most of you.”  Ichigo stated his reasons. It appeared the two men completely forgot the real reasons they were in the room.

“You could have thrown it by me first, before you suggested it and got the position of squad nine captain!”

This news caused both mother and daughter to faint. Even Hisagi hearing that the cute Kuchiki girl was going to be his new captain even passed out.

“Shhh! You’re going to wake Himiko-chan!” strictly ordered Yuzu with a finger to her lips. Byakuya and Ichigo looked down at her in shock, and then just merely nodded.

“Anyway…I was going to kill you. But I’ve decided against it after seeing her being born.” the black haired man directed toward the sleeping babe. “Don’t ask why. I just decided not to. But we will have a talk later about my daughter being a captain.”

“Hehe. Gotcha.” Ichigo answered with a nervous grin.

“Itsugo! Itsugo! Cwan Nel pwease see her sistwer?” Nel asked looking up at Ichigo with adorable eyes.

“Sure Nel.” Ichigo said as he kneeled to the ground to show her the newest addition to the family.

Soon everyone else came in wanting to see the sleeping newborn for themselves. It was one of the happiest days any of them could remember. For some reason this child had brought everyone closer together, if just a little bit.


A week later Ichigo awoke not to the sun’s rays peeking in through his room. No it was yet again the crying of his baby girl. He felt the weight of his sleeping partner shift next to him, followed by a, “It’s your turn. I took care of her two hours ago.”

“Alright, alright.” Ichigo complied groggily with Rukia’s demand as he pulled himself up from the futon, they both shared. He walked down the length of a bedroom to reach his daughter’s room, in his new home in the Kuchiki mansion.

About three hours after her birth, Himiko had to be moved to the Soul Society before she began to experience the horrors of Reishi Withdrawal. Ichigo went with Unohana who took her to the Squad four infirmary. Rukia was told this after she had woken up and soon joined them two days later. Everyone in Karakura who knew them was deeply upset when Ichigo said his goodbyes as he left with his daughter for his new life in the Seireitei. But Yamamoto did promise that they would all be able to come to his initiation ceremony.  

Ichgio entered his wailing daughter’s pink bedroom, decorated with chappy all over and a pile of presents in the corner. He wore nothing but his black Shinigami pants showing off his built up body to the world. In the middle of this pink walled place lay a crib were a small girl with each eye a different color, lay crying for attention.

“Shh, Shh. Otou-san’s here. Shh my little hime.” he whispered softly as a father should into his small child’s ear as he picked her up. Instantly the girl’s sobbing ceased as her father had come to see her. It now had been replaced with cooing as she snuggled closer to the feel of his bare skin.

“Good Kami she really does love her Otou-san?” chuckled the still recovering Kuchiki leaning aganst the doorway.

“Hey I thought you were going back to sleep?” Ichigo asked with an annoyed face.

“I was but then I realized what time and day it is.”

“Huh?...oh crap today’s the day I get initiated as captain!” he cried out and killing himself mentally for not remembering.

“And Chiaki-chan as well.” corrected Rukia. “Here let me take her, while you go get ready.” she said taking the girl from him. At first tiny Himiko protested at being taken away from her father, but calmed down she saw it was her mother. Ichigo rushed out the door to too get ready leaving his girlfriend and child.

“What am I going to do with him?” Rukia asked her smiling baby. As if understanding the question her face turned to confusion.

“Ha! You don’t know either do you? You don’t know what to do with that silly Otou-san of yours?” Rukia asked in a little baby talked, causing Himiko to grin a toothless smile and cooed some more.

‘Why do I have a strange feeling she’s going to have a father complex when she’s older?’ thought Rukia with some dread.


Byakuya and his wife at this time were well awake and taking a stroll through the garden around the koi pound. They conversed about the time they had been separated. They were about to get into the time Byakuya had met Ichigo when two loud screams came from the bathing area of the mansion of the household.

“Out of the way Unlce Ichigo!!! I call dibs on the shower first!!!” shouted the head’s daughter as she struggled with her orange haired soon to be Uncle to get the first shower.

“Chiaki-chan. I know you may be a lady and ladies usually go first, however I also know how long you girls take to get ready! So no way! I go first!”

“Hey today isn’t just about you! And we don’t take that long!!!” she shouted at him as they continued to try and get in before the other.

“I think they’re bonding.” smiled Hisana, while Byakuya merely rubbed his temples to ease the stress. Between the baby’s every other two hours of crying and week of bickering between Ichigo and his niece about preparing for the captain entrance ceremony wasn’t enough to drive him insane. Surely having a small green haired arrancar live in your house was…Oh wait she did.

“Hisana I swear if this all doesn’t stop soon…”


“I swear that, Chiaki-chan might be becoming the head of the clan much sooner than expected.” he said thinking of tying a nuse around his neck just to escape the madness of the house.

“Byakuya-sama. Please relax. I’m sure it’ll pass. Think of the happy things that are going to happen today! Chiaki-chan and Ichigo-san both become captains today!” chimed the Rukia clone.

“Hai, your right I must…” ‘Wait. All three of us will now be getting up at the same time and fighting over the shower to go first. And…and…’ “WERE’S SOME ROPE!?!” Byakakuya cried out, extremely out of character.

Rukia walked out of the large house, breast feeding Himiko. She smiled as she took in a whiff of the blooming July sakura blossoms. But the crashes of the struggling
Ichigo and Chiaki trying to get the bathroom first, made it somewhat hard to enjoy the fresh summer morning. But the next sound and image the girl saw, either truly disturbed her or shocked her.

“Please Byakuya-sam! Please calm down! It’s not That bad!!!” cried out Hisana, being dragged along the ground while clutching her husband’s leg.

The man desperately looking for a rope answered his wife back, “No Hisana! I have to escape this madness!”

“Ano Nee-sama, Nii-sama but don’t you two have to prepare for the ceremony?” Rukia asked stepping forward to end the strange scene.

Byakuya quickly returned to his senses hearing his sister in laws voice. He quickly helped his wife off the ground and rushed off, praying that no one else had seen the spectacle he had just put on. Unfortunately the divine ears he prayed to, did not receive the message in time. For a small feline smile had recorded the entire event for its amusement, and to use as black mail.

“Ohayo Rukia-chan, Himiko-chan.” Hisana said as she began to tickle the week old infant’s stomach. The girl began to giggle at her Aunt’s playful touch.

“So Onee-sama do you need any help preparing for the ceremony?”

“No I’m good Rukia-chan. However you should worry more about yourself and your own appearance. You have to look your best for this little one’s Otou-san.”

“I know Onee-sama.” Rukia answered with a smile as she and her sister once began their own walk with the little Kurosaki/Kuchiki.


“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Seireitei! Long have we been deprived of leaders for Squad’s Three, Five, and Nine! However! This day two of these three positions shall no longer be vacant!” announced Yamamoto to the myriad of shingami that had assembled beneath the balcony, in a large assembly field.

A large scream of approval and anticipation emerged from the thousands and thousands of black robed warriors down below the row of captains, lieutenants and family members and friends of the soon to be captains.

Orihime, Chad, Uryu and the entire group from school had been invited to the event. The Vizards because of their no longer want to get involved with Shingami affairs remained hidden, so they were not there.

After the cheering calmed down, Yamamoto resumed his speech, “And now my dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to introduce our new taicho of Fifth Company! He’s the man who saved the Soul Society and the living world from the evil of Sosuke Aizen and his diabolic plans! The hero of the Soul Society, father of the newborn Kuchiki Himiko, lover of Kuchiki Rukia…”

Ichigo and Rukia instantly grew massive blushes at this. Did he have to go so far in Ichigo’s titles?

“Kurosaki Ichigo!!!”

An even louder scream than before came from the assembly below. Ichigo stepped up and recited his vows to defend the Soul Society and all that. Yamamoto then presented him with his own hairoi. It had no sleeves like many of the other taichos. It’s inside color was a reddish black like his bankai. Ichigo slipped it on over his shihaksho and pulled zangetsu over the white jacket with the number five on the back.

“Arigaot old man.” Ichigo said with a bow. He then returned to his seat and joined his raven haired goddess and baby who wore a tiny shihaksho. Chiaki was soon after called up and received her own haiori. Hers did have sleeves; despite being one armed she kept the other sleeve. The inside of her new uniform was yellowish white. Like her “Uncle” she too bowed and returned to her seat in between her parents.

The Soul Society cheered for its two new leaders.


Soon after the ceremony a celebration was held in honor of the two new captains. Once again booze was brought out and not before two long nearly everyone was doing drunken things. Uryu was making out with Nemu! Mariyu was too out of it to say anything. Chad was in the middle of a contest between, Renji, Stark and Shunsui. Chiaki had been sent home by her father because he still considered a child because of the experiments done by the Kagayaki clan.

“Come on Otou-san!!! Please!” she begged him as he dragged her back to the clan mansion.

“No Chiaki-chan. You’re too young to start drin…” began the stiff man when a, “hiccup!” came out of nowhere. Child formed Nel tumbled out of an alleyway in front of the two. She held a sake bottle in her hand and was clearly wasted.

“See Otou-san! Even Nel-san got drunk!” Chiaki whined like a child.
‘Please Kami. Please stop this.’

“Wo! Shivaki-shan!...Vat r wu dowing avays some de partshe?” (Translation: Yo Chiaki-chan…What are you doing away from the party?) the arrancar slurred out in a mass of disorganized words before falling flat on her face and out cold.

“Chiaki-chan does that answer your question as to why I think you’re too young to drink. Now have you seen your mother?” he inquired to his pouting daughter.

Before the girl could answer his question, a completely drunk Hisana tackled and pinned Byakuya to the ground and began to tear his clothing off! Chiaki used this somewhat disturbing for her diversion to sneak back to the drunken palooza.
She failed to notice as she snuck away her Aunt, Uncle and cousin returning to the mansion on a different road.

“Thank Kami we left when we did Ichigo.” Rukia said as she cuddled the snoozing Himiko in her arms.

“I know. Luckly tonight we don’t have to declare our love for each other in any intimate ways tonight.” Ichigo said remembering a night very similar to this one nearly a year ago, that started this new adventure.

“Awww. I was hoping we could try and go for a boy this time.” Rukia jested evilly.

“Hehe, that’s a good one Rukia.” Ichigo chuckled.

“Kukuku, who said I was joking?” she claimed, playing with him a little more.

“…eh? What was that?”

“Hehehe.” Rukia giggled as she ran back to the mansion with her daughter in her arms and lover chasing her.


The next morning Ulquiorra woke up naked beside an equally nude Orihime. The first words that came from his mouth were, “Oh Fuck.” Fearing what awaited him nine months from then…
It's always great when a child is born into the world. Isn't it? Well anyway I hope you all enjoyed this chapter:D

Originally Himiko's name was going to be Hiore. But if you all read my Code Geass one shot, you'll know I already used that name on one of Lelouch's kids^^;

I do not own Bleach or it's characters, Tite-senpai does:D

I do not own Kuchiki Chiaki, she belongs to :iconlemgemapple:

This FanFiction has begun to be made into a doujin by my great friend :iconspintherella:

Comments and favs greatly and truly appreciated:D No flaming though please^^
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