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Bleach: A New life
Chapter 2: Telling friends and Ichigo’s shock

Rukia woke up from beneath her covers two hours after she had fainted. She still felt lousy and just wanted to go back to sleep. Then Unohana’s words came back into her head. Rukia turned beat red and screamed.
Unohana had stayed in the mansion waiting for Rukia to wake up from the shock. She heard the scream and knew Rukia was awake. But before she rushed to her, she heard the slide door in front of her open. In the archway stood Isane, Ukitake, Shunsui, Kiyone, Renji, Sentarō and Nanao.

“You summoned us, Retsu-san?” inquired Ukitake to his fellow captain.

“Well you and Renji yes but umm…Why are the rest of you here?”

“I heard Isane-chan telling Jūshirō to come here because something big had happened to Rukia-chan. So I decided to find out what. Nano-chan apparently followed me for some reason.” chimed Shunsui while playing dumb.

“I was already on my way here to get the diagnostic on Rukia.” said Renji now wondering what this big news was.

“I followed Ukitake-taichou because of my un-surpassing loyalty to him.” said Kiyone pushing her partner out of the way.

“Like hell! I’m more loyal to Ukitake-taichou!!!” yelled the man with goat beard sticking his face into the blonde haired girl’s face. Then they began their constant bickering until they heard a pair of feet coming down the steps. Everyone turned to see Rukia in her chappy pajamas and her chappy blanket wrapped around her. She first saw Unohana and was about to question her about the test. But then she saw her captain, Renji and everyone else and with held the question.

“Ah Rukia-chan perfect timing.” the forth company leader said with a smile.     

“Ugh, Unohana-taichou. Why is everyone here?”

“Well I figured you might want to tell your closet friends about the good news.”

“So it’s true!!! You weren’t kidding I am…!” Rukia cried nearly falling over.


Rukia looked down to the floor, unsure of how to react. Jump for joy or be scared out of her mind at the fact that she now carried a child conceived by both her and Ichigo.

“Rukia-chan.” came Unohana’s voice bringing Rukia back to reality.

“Hai?” asked Rukia looking up from the floor still unsure of how to react.

  “Do you wish for me to tell them or should I…”

“No! I-I’ll tell them Unohana-taichou.” She responded now knowing how to react.
Her frowning face turned into a bright one while tears of happiness streamed down her face.

“Ru-Rukia! What’s wrong!?” a panicked Renji said when he saw the tears.

“Renji it’s nothing…it’s just I’ve learned something truly wonderful has just happened.” Everyone who hadn’t heard the news yet leaned in to hear what was making Rukia cry for happiness.

“Renji…Ukitake-taichou, everyone…I’m…I’m pregnant.”  


Ichigo had just finished his breakfast and was walking out the door alongside Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was inside a special gigai made for “good” arrancars. It hid their masks and hollow holes. For Ulquiorra it even hid his cyran lines on his face. He was now enrolled in Karkura high so he wouldn’t draw suspicion from others.
And like each day to school it was uncomfortable walk. Both hardly said anything, and if they did it would either be about something really out of the blue or just plain “uggh”. That would be how it was until they met up with Orihime, Chad and Uryu.

“Ohayo Ulquiorra-kun! Kurosaki-kun!” cried Orihime as she waved to them at the top of the hill where they would all meet up.

“Ohayo, Inoue.” Ichigo said with a smile.

“Hmmm…ohayo…Orihime-chan.” Ulquiorra mumbled out.

“Hmm? What was that Ulquiorra-kun?” asked the ditsy girl as she cocked her head to the side while leaning over into his face.

“It was nothing…” he said trying to hide a creeping blush. (Didn’t know Arrancars could blush)

Orihime when she noticed Ichigo and the others walking away

“Ahh, come on Ulqui-kun!” she cried grabbing his hand and pulling him along to catch up with the others. When they got up to the other’s she failed to notice she hadn’t let go his hand yet.

A few minutes later they made it to school. As they were about to enter homeroom, Ichigo prepared himself for the second idiot he had to deal with each day. As soon as he entered the door, “GGGGGOOOOODDDD MMMOORRRRNNIIINNGGG IIICCCHHHIIGGGOO!!!” screamed Asano Keigo as he soared to glomp his friend. Ichigo merely uppercutted him into the ceiling.

‘I will never understand humans.’ thought Ulquiorra at the incident as he sat down next to Orihime.

“Morning Tatsuki.” Ichigo said to his oldest friend as he sat down.

“Yo.” She merely replied back.

“So how’s Uraharra-san’s training coming along?” the orange haired sixteen year old asked.

“Good he says that in about two weeks I should attain shikai.”


“Thanks.” answered Tatsuki. The martial artist had requested to become a shingami after the war so she could help prevent another one. Kisuke granted her wish and she was now being trained alongside Karin who had also become a shinigami, by him and Yoruichi.  

It was then Mizuiro walked over and took a seat up beside his two friends, while at the same time Chad struggled to pull Keigo from the ceiling.

“So Ichigo, have you heard anything from Rukia-chan yet?”

“Ya about a week ago. She said she hadn’t been feeling well.”

“What do ya mean?” inquired the newest shinigami.

“She said she’d been throwin up her breakfast for the past week.”

“That’s weird. Well I…” before she could say another word their sensei entered the room.

“Alright kiddies!!! Get your head out of the clouds, in Keigo’s case out of the ceiling…and get out those text books!!!” yelled the glasses wearing women in her ever cheery mood. Ichigo and the other students all sat down in their seats and took out the books as they were told. However Keigo was so logged up into the ceiling they just decided to leave him there and wait for some with the right equipment to pull (painfully) out.


Renji’s jaw had dropped to the floor; Shunsui’s hat fell off his head, Nano’s book slipped from her grip, the two third seats had fainted, and Ukitake had fallen to the floor in shock.

“Ru-Rukia… how? When? Where? WHO!?!” asked a still dazed Renji.

“Ummm I’m not sure I should answer that Renji.” she said with an innocent look on her face.

“AND WHY NOT!?!” he asked yelling this time.

“I’m afraid you’d try to kill the father.”

“DAMN RIGHT I WOULD….WILL!!! Now tell me who is he so I can shove their zanpaktou straight up their ass!!!”

Before Rukia could protest Unohana raised her hand for both to be silent.

“Rukia-chan, I’m afraid you most likely will have to tell him. In fact it won’t be long until becomes obvious that your pregnant, and you have to explain it to both Yamamoto- sōtaichō and Byakuya-kun.” Said the women said with a sincere but serious face. “So Rukia-chan shall I tell him or shall you.” She asked offering again.

After a few moments Rukia finally said, “No taichou I will. Renji everyone; the father…it’s Ichigo.” she said with a face filled with hope.
Shunsui merely nodded his head; Ukitake walked up and hugged Rukia as did his lackeys. Renji however had “disappeared”.

“Rukia-chan I’m so happy for you.” Ukitake said with glee. His two subordinates however had just broken from the hug saying who would be the better Aunt/Uncle to the child whenever it was born.

“Arigatou, Ukitake-taichou.” Rukia merely said through tears of happiness as she buried her face in his chest. Happy from the support of some of her oldest friends and the she saw as her father figure.

Renji however was speeding to the nearest senkaimon, with a huge blood-lust.

‘Ichigo,Ichigo,Ichigo,Ichigo!!! I hope you lived a good life because once I find you you’re dead!!! And when you come over to the Soul Society I’m gonna find you and kill ya again!!’ he screamed in his head ready to kill the man who impregnated his oldest, sister-like friend. As he ran he caught sight of the sixth seat in his squad, Chiaki Kagayaki. He decided to have her send a message, personally to their captain about Rukia and what was going on.

“Yaki-san!!!” he yelled to her still fuming.

“Huh? Oh! You Renji-baka!” she said in her usual cold attitude towards him.

‘I really don’t need this from the little female version Kuchiki-taichou.’ “I need you to deliver a message to Kuchiki-taichou personally.”

“Is it really that important?” she asked while looking over some the paper work she had just filled out.

“YES!!! Now just tell him this…” he said as he leaned in and whispered into her ear. Her eyes grew wide at the news of Rukia’s pregnancy.

“And tell no one else!!!” he screamed as he ran to the gate.

‘Things in this world just a whole lot more interesting.' thought the brown haired sixth seat as she too ran, but to find her captain.


Ichigo and the others were just coming back from their gym class and were just entering history class when a scream sent shivers down all their spines (excluding Ulquiorra).

“KUROSAKI ICHIGO!!!” screamed a familiar voice to all.

‘What the hell is he doing here?' thought Ichigo in a panic.

“Where the fuck are ya!!! Come out of hiding!!! Time to pay for what you’ve done!!!”

Miss Ochi turned to Ichigo with an annoyed look on her smiling face.



“Who did you piss off this time?” she asked with an anger mark as the noise grew louder. Then finally the voice reached the door to the room. It crashed open and in the door frame stood a very pissed off Renji holding his Zabimaru looking ready to execute Ichigo.

“YYYOOOUUU!!!” he cried pointing the freshly sharpened point of the blade at the sixteen year old.

“Re-RENJI!!! What the hell are you doing here!?!” yelled the orange haired high schooler jum ping from his chair.

“You have no right to ask me anything Kurosaki.” growled the tattooed man.

“What do you mean?” Ichigo asked a little confused now.

“Do you know what you did to Rukia!?!?” he yelled.


“Oh you baka. Your dead.” the lieutenant battle cried charging at his friend. Ichigo instinctively jumped out of the way just as the blade sliced his desk in half. Everyone else backed up aganst the wall. All except Keigo who was still miraculously still in the ceiling!

“Hey what’s going on down there!?!” his muffled voice said through the tiles. Yet no one heard him. Five minutes later after being chased around the room and having the Gym teacher and Principal(who came to see what was going on) nearly sliced into pieces. Ichigo finally shouted to Renji, “Why the hell arew you trying to kill me?!? What did I do to Rukia!?!”

“You got her pregnant!!!” Renji yelled. Time in the room stopped right there.

Everyone’s expression matched Rukia’s when Unohana asked her about her sex life.

“EEEEEEHHHHH!!!!???!!???” yelled the entire class.

Meanwhile in the Soul Society, two more people headed for the living world. One was just following, the other had a more deadly aurora around him.

“Kuroaski today you die.” said the voice of a very pissed off noble.
Done!!! This is the next chapter in my series of Bleach: A new life. Hope you all enjoy it^^ Also it's a birthday gift for my friend,:iconspintherella: Happy birthday!^^

Next, Chapter 3: Cherry blossomed high school and Matsumoto joins the paparazzi:[link]

And of course I don't own Bleach Tite-sempai does^^
And Chiaki Kagayaki belongs to :iconlemgemapple:

comments are appreciated^^ no flaming though.
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