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W.A.W.W.E Match 1: The 6 Way Wedgie Fight

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! WELCOME TO THE W.A.W.W.E (World Anime Women's Wrestling Entertainment)!!!" shouted the bald headed yet truly perverted Master Roshi into he mic that sat in front of him at the announcer's table. The massive crowd, comprised mostly of men gave a huge, defining roar.

"Hehehe! Yes we're here at the DBZ dome getting ready for the first ever W.A.W.W.E MATCH! Here with me as my Co-host hehehehe! Lord Jiraiya!" yelled the old hermit pointing to his friend.

"Hohoho! Yeeeeees! I the mighty Lord Jiraiya am co-hosting this wonderful, God given and blessed event!" cheered the evenly lecherous toad hermit to the crowd. More cheers emerged from the grand stands of the enormous crowd. Roshi and Jiraiya smiled at each other, not only for the joy of the crowd but for what was in store tonight.

"But Ladies and Gentlemen what truly makes this night a great one is not the fact that this is the first ever W.A.W.W.E match, but the type of match it is!" giggled Roshi as blood started to drip from his nose.

"That's right! For our first match ever and for the first time on live anime television, tonight's match is…" Jiraiya said building up the suspense. The crowd leaned on the edge of their seats anxious to hear what the great match was. After a few seconds of tangling the carrot in front of the horse, Turtle and Toad hermits roared into their mics simultaneously, " TONIGHT'S MATCH IS THE ULTIMATE 6 WAY WEDGIE FIGHT!!!!"

The roof of the dome flew into the air as the cheers of fellow anime, video and movie characters filled the stadium. Boys were getting nose bleeds; some men were trying to cover a certain growing part of their body with their legs while others rushed off to the bathroom, and several women throughout the audience grew blushes which they tried to shake off.

Meanwhile in the hallways each competitor of the upcoming match could not believe what they had just heard. A wedgie fight? They were told it was going to be a simple wrestling match! Each was now considering withdrawing from the event but remembered the contracts they had sighed. To this each one of them now thought, 'Who the fuck thought up this match?'

"But first a word from our sponsors!" sweat dropped Roshi.


Up high above the stands was the personal box seat of the very man who founded the W.A.W.W.E and thought up the matches for each night. He was a man who demanded much respect despite his short stature and high ranking perverted nature. He reclined in his large leather sewn chair awaiting the start of games, a large smile plastered on his face. But his smile faded when the door behind him opened and entered his two secretaries.

"SIR! What is the meaning of this? A wedgie fight!? I thought we agreed we would do no such thing!" scolded the blond haired Samus Aran. She wore a tight fitting black suit that showed off her large bosom and a mini skirt that was much shorter than a mini skirt should be.

"Come now Samus-chan. Look how excited the crowd is at this prospect." came the voice of the founder from behind the chair.

"But sir we did some numbers and the risk of being sued over inappropriate exposure is extremely high!" said the other blonde haired beauty Noel Vermillion. She too wore the same extremely reveling outfit as Samus.

"AGGH WHO CARES!" screamed the growing irritated by the second man. His chair swirled around to view the girls. They stood up stiffly as their strict boss had come face to face with them. "Look girls I've been stepped on, thrown, chased by a large muscular Mexican/Japanese man and a girl who without a doubt wanted to dissect me! So a few lawsuits don't frighten me! So we are going through with this fight! Understand!"

"Hai!" both girls said in unison followed by a gulp. Surprisingly the girls were actually afraid of the tiny person. Not because he was strong, something he was not. No but because of the power he held and what he could do with it.

"Good! Now leave me to watch the match alone…unless you girls wish to entertain me during the pre-game commercials?" giggled the tiny "man".

"No thank you!" the blonds said while rushing to the door. Samus ran through the door, Noel was about to follow but stopped and turned around to her boss, "Enjoy the match Mr. Kon." she said sucking up to the perverted lion doll that ran this new business and fled out the door following Samus.

"Aww. Was hoping they would at least do a little strip tease…oh well. They're both signed up for the second match, so I win in the end!" giggled the Bleach comic relief character. He turned his chair around and brushed his suit off a little and prepared for the ultimate undy grundy match.

"Now for the games to begin!"


Back down in the stand and ring area the crowd was growing restless as it eagerly awaited for the match to begin. Finally the myriad of fans' patience paid off when the bald man's voice came on over the speakers once more.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are grateful your patience during the commercials. Now we're back and it's now time to introduce the wonderful ladies who will be par-taking in tonight's match!"

The spot lights around the stadium danced all around as loud music blasted from speakers and the lights dimmed. Once more the crowd gave an exciting roar as the dancing lights fell on one of the six entrances to the ring area.

"Jiraiya-san would you care to do the first introduction?"

"Why thank you old friend! Very well, our first contestant tonight hails from Konoha! She is the apprentice of Tsunade the fifth Hokage, holds the rank of chunin, Cup size A and!...tends to get on a lot of others' nerves more than usual…Everyone! HARUNO SAKURA!" yelled the toad sage into his voice amplifier Sakura walked out of her entrance with a big arrogant grin on her face as she walked up and into the ring. She waved for the crowd to cheer her on but only received a moderate cheer and applause. The enthusiasm from the crowd was not as loud as the perverted hosts thought it would be. This greatly annoyed the pink haired girl but not as much as them knowing her cup size.

"Anyway…onto our second contestant!" spoke up the master of Goku. "Another girl from Konoha, WOHOHOHO! This one's a real looker! A girl from the Hyuuga clan, holds chunin rank, without a doubt size D cup! A girl who fights for love and acceptance! Give it up for HYUUGA HINATA!!!" spazzed Roshi. Hinata nervously stepped out of the tunnel and timidly entered the ring. She twiddled her fingers nervously as the crowd wolf whistled and cheered on for her. As she smiled at their somewhat new way of encouragement she turned to see Sakura giving her a major glare.

'Why are they cheering for her so much and I only got a "wohoo."?' thought the pink haired girl.

"Well if you thought she was cute well brace yourself for the next one. All the way from The Soul Society!!! Member of the Kuchiki clan and wielder of the most beautiful zanpaktou! Partner to Kurosaki Ichigo and major chappy fan! Introducing, KUCHIKI RUKIA!!!"

Rukia emerged from her entrance proud and dignified in her shinigami attire, a smile was upon her face as she waved to the adoring crowd with her left hand while with her right she clutched her white bladed sword. She entered the ring next to Hinata and bowed with a smile towards her, to which Hinata responded with a similar fashion. Everyone was moved by the kind gesture of the shinigami girl.

"Now that was sweet, but next up in our lineup is a famous singer from Tokyo! She is extremely ditzy, strange and for some reason has a thing for serial killers. People get this girl a psychiatrist, here she is MISA MISA!!!"

The Kira loving girl skipped out strangely and stupidly, which caused to trip and slide into the ring right up to Sakura.

"What the hell?" was all the pink haired girl could say as the gothic clothed girl arrived at her feet.  

After a moment or two the blonde removed herself from the ground and looked up at Sakura.

"Oh…HI!" she said with an idiot's smile, Sakura just sweat dropped at this. As Misa stood up she quickly took Sakura's hand and shook it repetitively, "I hope we can work together in this match…umm…who are you?" Misa asked not even knowing who she was talking to.

"Ummm…It's Sakura and you do realize that this is a free for…" before Sakura's words could continue her inner self mentally slapped her.

'BAKA! Do you not realize this a-hole could actually help us win the match!' shouted the inner pink haired ninja.

'What do you mean?' inquired the apprentice of Tsunade.

'Think about it! This ditz doesn't even know this a free for all match. If we can make her think that
she's our partner we have an easier chance to win!'

'And then after the real competition is gone, we can take her out with ease!' gloated Sakura.

'Exactly.' smirked her inner mind.

Sakura looked back at Misa and smiled, "Of course Misa let's work together and win this fight."

"Yeah for teamwork!" cheered Misa.

Minutes later the match was ready to begin, the final two contestants Higurashi Kagome in a school uniform who held a bow and a quiver of arrows and Shirley Fenette who also wore a school uniform had each had their own introductions and stood at their own end of the large wrestling ring. Each girl was anxious for the fight to begin, for most just to get it over with. While the rest simply couldn't wait to embarrass the others.

Finally the match was about to begin! But unfortunately it was delayed as the ref stepped into the ring. He was a short man like Kon, but unlike him he was a pig, he wore a black and white striped shirt and black pants, it was Oolong!

"Alright ladies! I'm gonna say this once so listen clear!" the perverted pig said with a smirk. The girls groaned as they were going to be told new things. "First and only thing, there are no rulz in this match! It's an all out brawl, do whatever you want! Pull the hair, nipple twists, kicks in the lady lips! Do whatever you need to grab your opponent's panties and yank em up!"

Jiraiya, Roshi, Kon and the entire audience was jumping for joy as the pig stated the rulz. No restrictions! The perfect legal cat wedgie fight.

"Finally you're out of the match if the following happens! Your panties are ripped off, you are unable to continue fiht say for example you're given a hanging wedgie and are unable to get down. Finally and in my opinion the best way to go out! You receive an atomic wedgie!!!" grinned Oolong widely showing of his teeth. All the girls couldn't believe how far this was going but knew they didn't have a choice, so instead of fretting they prepared for when the piggy ref said, "NOW FIGHT!!!"

All the girls ran around the ring looking for who should become their first victim. The first to meet up was Shirley and Hinata.

Shirley saw the indigo haired girl and braced herself for the inevitable fight. Hinata also prepared herself, however she was much more relaxed then the orange haired girl. Shirley was not a fighter and had no special skills to assist her in this fight. Hinata on the other hand was a ninja from one of the greatest ninja villages. Not to mention she had her family's special ability that allowed her to know where all her enemies were. So it was as if the match between these two was already decided.

Shirley at this time was scared, here she was, no powers, no strengths, no nothing against a girl who could clearly out match her anytime. But Shirley didn't want to seem like a Total weakling to everyone. So she thought of a strategy, knowing Hinata didn't want to be here as much as her. She would use some sweet talk to have the Hyuuga girl lower her defenses long enough for the weak girl to at least try to give her an atomic.

"H-Hinata-san can we please not do this." begged Shirley shaking at the knees.

Hinata instantly saw through the girl's ruse but decided to play along with it, "I wish w-we could S-Shirley-san...but…Wait!"

"Y-Yes?" Shirley asked hoping things were going her way.

"M-Maybe there is a way we don't have t-to this." Hinata said as she prepared her attack.

"What is it?"

Hinata vanished from Shirley's sight a second after her question, leaving her confused. It then hit her when she felt a pair of hands force their way down her skirt and grip the waistband of her undies.

"The way we don't have to do this is just by you getting th-the w-wed-wedgie and not me." Hinata said in a tone that held no evil or arrogance. It was just the fight for survival in Hinata's mind, nothing personal.

"Wait Hi-hinata-san! Please doOOOOOOOO'NNNNTTT!!!" shrieked the eighteen year old girl as her yellow cotton panties flew out of her skirt and up her backside canyon. Never before had she ever experienced this kind of pain nor humiliation, and all of it was on live TV!!!

"I'm s-sorry about this Shirley-san but i-it is a free for all." Apologized the kind ninja as she lifted the yellow undergarments higher and higher.

"HOLY SHITZ LADIES AND GENTS! THE FIRST WEDGIE OF THE NIGHT!!" screamed Roshi as blood poured from his nose. He wasn't the only one, Jiraiya was desperately looking for his box of tissues under the announcer table. "Hinata has delivered the first wedgie of the evening to Miss Shirley! And it looks like she ain't going for an atomic…but instead a ripping wedgie!"

How right the old hermit was. Hinata truly didn't want Shirley to suffer anymore than she needed. With all her might she tried to tear the underwear of as quickly as she could. All the while Shirley was in tears of pain and embarrassment, constantly begging, "Pl-plesae s-stop Hi-Hinata –san! It hurts!!!"

"I wish I-I co-could but I gotta end this m-match!" responded Hinata. Realizing the panties won't rip any time soon because Shirley was light; Hinata lowered Shirley onto the ground and placed a foot on the orange haired girl's back. Finally with all her strength, Hinata using both hands rocketed the yellow panties up once more. This time with Shirley on the ground pinned under Hinata's foot more restriction was added that caused more pain not only to the eighteen year olds bottom but now to her forward crevice.  In that moment the panties ripped in two and whipped back into Hinata's hands. Shirley free from the deadly pull shot her hands down to both her front and back in a vain attempt the massage the pain away from those areas.

"Everyone  the first pair has been torn! Repeat the first pair has been torn! Oh GOD THIS IS
AMAZING!" cheered Jiraiya at the scene! The audience behind him was flipping out at the scene never before had so many anime, video game and movie men been so happy. Many more now tried to cover themselves while stampedes now formed for the bathrooms.

"Amazing indeed!" giggled Roshi. "But alas a great a beauty has lost! Everyone let's give a hand for Lady Shirley for trying!"

The audience agreed to Roshi's request as Shirley was pulled off stage Samus and Noel. The applause was loud and would've been appreciated by the girl in pain but was in so much agony she it didn't even come to her mind.


At the same time Sakura and Misa were up against Rukia, who at the moment was getting pretty annoyed at how idiotic both were acting. Sakura and Misa kept trying to double team her but always would end up knocking into each other as Rukia just stepped out of the way and Misa kept tripping on her feet.

"AGGGH! You freaking idiot! Can you not trip on your own feet for sixty seconds!?" shouted the pissed off pink haired girl. Misa was shocked at the way Sakura was acting.

"I'm sorry Sakura, It's just I'm not used to fighting is all." was the blonde's reply.

"Apparently you're not used to standing either!" spat Sakura to her "partner". Now Misa was going from hurt to angry.

"I said I was sorry Sakura. And I am trying; maybe you could show some more team appreciation?"

"Team appreciation!? Bullshit! In this game there's no such thing! All that matters is that I win!" cackled the konoha girl.

"B-But didn't you say we were going to work together as a team?" inquired the pop star.

"Yeah…until we finished off the others! Then I was gonna wedgie you so hard you wouldn't be able to have kids! But what an idiot I was thinking you could help me take out the competition. Your no help, your more of an asset to them then you are to me!" Sakura shouted at Misa, revealing her true intentions to the idiot.

"W-w-w-WELL AT LEAST I'M NOT FLAT CHESTED OR HAVE A MASSIVE FOREHEAD!" counter attacked Misa. Laughter filled the audience at Misa's remark, one laugh in particular caught Sakura's ear.

"Bwahaha! You just got served Billboard brow!" cackled Ino, Sakura's rival from the audience.

"F*#K YOU INO-PIG! And you do you little…"

"Umm girls…" interrupted Rukia getting tired of the argument. Both Sakura and Misa Misa turned to face her while shouting, "WHAT!?!"

Rukia just sighed and pointed her zanpaktou at the two and shouted, "Shi No Mai! Shiro Wedgie! (Fourth Dance, White Wedgie)" Both girls looked confused at what the Kuchiki girl had just said, they waited a moment to see if anything would happen after her chant but nothing came.

"Hahaha! What was that? Was that a little bluff to try and scare us?" mocked Sakura. She failed to notice the ground beneath her turning to ice, as did Misa who too decided to make fun of Rukia's chant.

"Really if you're trying to intimidate some one I suggest that you…" before she could continue both her and Sakura heard a loud rumbling coming from below. Then as quickly as they heard it, it stopped. Rukia smiled at was going to happen next.

"Oh do I see Rukia smiling Jiraiya-san?" Roshi asked excited at the new prospects of this fight.

"I believe you do! Can't wait to see where this is going!"

No sooner had the toad hermit said that a pillar of ice appeared behind each of the two girls, but on each pillar of frozen water was an ice made crane hook. Each pillar's hook quickly dropped from the top and into both Sakura's shorts and Misa's skirt, hooking themselves onto their panties.

"N-NO! Yo-you wouldn't dare!!!" cried Sakura with fear written on her face. Misa just looked around in confusion at what was going, while Rukia just smirked, "Oh I dare Sakura."

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Sakura. With a flick of Rukia's hand the crane hooks reeled back to the top of the ice pillars dragging both Sakura and Misa with them by their panties.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWIIIIIEEEE!!!!" shrieked the two as hung from their undergarments in front of the cameras and audience.  Out of the two, Sakura was without a doubt the one who was the most humiliated. There were several reasons behind it, the first being that Misa really didn't have any pride to begin with so all that mattered to her was ending the pain. Sakura on the other hand prided herself on being strong and a wise ninja who didn't get oneself into these situations…especially on television.

Second was the kind of underwear each was wearing, Misa was hanging by a pair of simple lacy black satin panties, while Sakura hung in a pair of pink panties with tiny hearts and smiley faces printed all over them. The fact that everyone saw this made Sakura want to crawl into a hole and die.

"N-NO! This can't be!!! Not like this." whimpered the sixteen year old kunoichi.

"Bwahaha! This great! Nice undies Billboard brow! Wait till everyone in Konoha sees this! Oh wait they can! This is live!!" cackled Ino at bearing witness to Sakura's humiliating defeat.

The elimination of the two girls in this caused Roshi and Jiraiya had such major nosebleeds that the paramedics came and began performing blood transfusions on the two. Up in his private box, Kon was trying to tape the area of his nose which had exploded from an even bigger nosebleed than the two announcers. Down in the ring Oolong was trying to support himself on one of the ring's support posts while he used a tissue to try and stop his own bleeding of the nose.

"Wow…just wow. Two eliminations at once! Now that's just beautiful!!! Hehehe!" spoke Roshi into the mic. The crowd agreed with him once more through the sound of cheers and wolf whistles.

"And now we're down the last three, Hinata, Rukia and Kagome! This should be even more exciting!!!" Jiraiya said with at least fifteen tissues up his nose.

Back in the ring Hinata and Rukia stood in front of the somewhat frightened Kagome. She was scared because she saw that in the heat of Misa and Sakura's quick elimination they made a quick partnership to double team her.

Kagome was so nervous she shook as she reached into her quiver and pulled out and arrow and notched it to her bow. Rukia held up an index finger and wiggled it back and forth. "No, no, that's a bad idea."

"P-Please K-Kagome-san, please give up; you s-see the s-sooner we w-wedgie you, the sooner we can get out of here." pleaded the Hyuuga girl.

"N-NO! I'm sorry Hinata b-but I refuse to wedgied on live T.V! Or wedgied at all for that matter! No I'm sorry but I will ask that you two surrender!" Kagome shouted while drawing back on her bow string.

"I'd stop talking nonsense if I were you." Rukia said getting serious while taking a step towards, a mistake on Rukia's part. Kagome's hand slipped from her bow string and released her sacred arrow. The powerful arrow was soaring straight at Rukia who was in awe that Kagome had really fired the bloody thing. At the last second the Kuchiki women tried to move away from the holy weapon, but it was too late. The arrow snagged Rukia's upper attire and tore it off as the arrow passed.

"WHAT THE!?!" Rukia cried when she felt her upper clothing ripped off. She looked down to see her body above the waist free of clothing except for the pink chappy the rabbit and strawberry print bra that covered her tiny breasts. Instantly more cheering sounded through the dome coupled with rivers of nose blood flowing down the steps of the stadium.

"HAHAHA! I always knew you had tiny tits midget!" one vice shouted out from the front row stands that made Rukia turn towards it instantly. "I..Ichigo?......"

The orange haired boy had been dragged by Kisuke and Yoruichi to watch the fight and really was to pure to actually enjoy it. But when he saw Rukia's upper shihakso (shinigami clothing) ripped off he couldn't help but yell out a crack. Yet his laughter was soon ended with Rukia throwing a random sandal straight into his face at mach 5. He was knocked out on impact.

"BAKA!!!WHAT THE F#*K ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!" the raven haired girl shouted at the unconscious boy. "YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND! I'LL DEAL WITH YOU BACK AT HOME!" growled the girl as she used her free hand to cover her top and turned back to her victim.

"Hinata….we are taking her down…NOW!"  ordered Rukia

"Oh shit…" Kagome stuttered before a severely pissed off Rukia and somewhat reluctant Hinata charged her.  


Tears streamed down Kagome's face as she hung by her light blue panties with puppy prints on one of the tall ring support beams. Rukia and Hinata had attacked her so fast all she could was swinging her bow around wildly. It ended as quickly as she had fired her arrow. Rukia sliced her bow in twin, while Hinata had hit her with a few gentle palms then proceeded to pull down Kagome's skirt. Rukia then did something that no one had yet to see. As Kagome wept from pain of Hinata's attack, the indigo eyed girl caught the fifteen year olds panties with her sword and lifted her up and began waving her around like a flag. Kagome was so embarrassed, her wedgied ass was exposed to the public and her dignity shattered. The pain as people could see must have been excruciating as Rukia waved the poor girl around and finished her off by placing her on the support beam. Roshi immediately called Kagome's loss then ran to the bathroom for relief.

"Well everyone it has come down to these two beautys!! Hyuuga Hinata and Kuchiki Rukia! Who of these two will be the winner of the first ever W.A.W.W.E match and the Queen of Wedgies!? All it comes down to is a pair of panties and the strength to pull em!" Jiraiya's voice echoed through the ever anxious stadium.

"Well Hinata-san looks like it's just you and me." Rukia said to the lover of Naruto.

"Y-Yes….L-Let the best women win." was Hinata's response.


As those words ended Rukia raised her sword and swung it down causing a massive ice like beam to be fired at Hinata. Hinata quickly rolled out of the way of the beam and ran towards the shinigami; using her family's special style of taijutsu she gracefully slid at Rukia's feet and with her palms uppercut the sword out of Rukia's hands. Not stopping there, Hinata twirled up to her feet and grabbed the chappy lover's hands.

"S-Sorry a-about this Rukia-san." Hinata said as she prepared to force her chakra into Rukia's arms to temporarily paralyze her.

"So am I." Rukia stated. Hinata looked confused until she felt Rukia's tiny but strong leg split slam into her lower area. Now being that Hinata was a lady that kind of attack would generally have no effect. However Rukia's leg was so strong and the fact she split Hinata's lower lips with it, caused a mass blow of pain to shoot through the young girl's body.

"…eeeeppp!" Hinata squeaked as she released Rukia's hands and crumpled to the floor clutching her crotch.

"Again sorry about this Hinata, but I really don't want to be wedgied." Rukia said as she flipped the agonizing girl onto her stomach and sat on Hinata's back facing her bum. Rukia's hand crept closer and closer to the hem of Hiinata's pants where Rukia saw what looked like a frilly waistband sticking out. "Well here it goes!"

"THIS IS IT EVERYONE SHE'S GOING IN FOR THE KILL!!!" Jiraiya announced jumping on the announcer table in such excitement. Oolong was twitching on the ground as the last of his blood drained out of his nose. Kon was bailing blood of his chair as his booth filled with blood.

Rukia finally stopped delaying the inedible after a minute of suspense and dove her hands into Hinata's pants expecting to feel the other girls underwear, what she did not expect was what came next. A loud poof came from beneath Rukia. The Hinata clutching herself had disappeared in cloud of smoke leaving Rukia baffled until she remembered the infamous shadow clone jutsu she heard that skilled ninjas could perform in the heat of a battle.

"Shit!" Rukia cursed when she realized that Hinata had tricked her. Not letting her get the jump on her again Rukia turned around to where Hinata's attack was surly to come from. Low and behold she was right, coming up from behind the real Hinata had been sneaking up behind Rukia. When she saw she had been found out she gave up the tip toe method and just ran at Rukia, and Rukia did the same at Hinata. It ended with them not attacking each other but both reaching into the other's pants
and gripping the concealed panties of their opponent.

"WOHOHOHOHOHO!!!  I Master Roshi have returned and what do I see when I get back!? This!! The final move!!! Who will pull up the other's undies faster and claim victory!?! The shinigami or the ninja? The fox lover or the strawberry lover? The A cup or the D cup? I'm going to shut up now so I can see for myself!" proclaimed the sun glasses wearing lecherous old man.

"It seems we're at an impasse Hinata." Rukia said as she gripped Hinata's cotton panties.

"Y-yes.." blushed the sixteen year old, embarrassed at someone holding onto her  undies so tightly.

"Soooo…does this mean it's adraw?" inquired Rukia to Hinata.

"I-I d-don't know…Roshi-san said apparently one of us till has to wedgie the other."

"That's right little missy! This match can end with a wedgie!" Roshi said over his mic.

"Well I ain't losing!" Rukia said as she prepared to lift Hinata's panties sky high. Hinata felt this and quickly gripped Rukia's underwear even tighter. Then it happened, at the same time both unyielding girls pulled the other's underwear up at the same time. Both their faces scrunched up in pain as their own clothing ripped through their asses and split their lady lumps. Yet they didn't stop, Hinata struggled through the pain to lock Rukia's panties that matched her bra (cotton pink with chappy the rabbit and strawberry print) over the girl's head. Rukia endured her own pain as she too tried to do the same to Hinata's teddy bear printed light purple panties.

"OH the pain these girls must be enduring right now!!!" shouted the toad sage as each pair of panties reached the neck of their owner. Inch by inch the panties stretched up the backs of the girls slowly reaching the peak of the girls' heads. Soon Rukia had Hinata's panties over her head and smiled in victory believing that she was about to finally win. Little did the great Kuchiki girl know that Hinata had done the same to her precious chappy panties. Thinking both had one they released their grip on the other's underwear…

With two loud snaps each girl felt their underwear lock onto their foreheads and even more agonizing pain shoot through them.

"EEEEEKKKKK!!!!" Rukia and Hinata cried out as their atomic wedgies took their toll. They slipped to the ground in pain fighting back tears as the camera's caught every angle and second of the faces of the two and their wedgied parts.

"G-GOOD KAMI (God) IN HEAVEN!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!" screeched Roshi as he fell back to the ground in pure bliss of the outcome.

"Unbelievable is right Roshi my friend! Ladies and Gentlemen! For our first match ever! We have a draw!!!  But even so! It was still an awesome match!" Jiraiya said before he himself fell back as blood rushed from his nose and a bump in his pants rose.

"owwie…" whimpered Hinata as Samus picked her up and removed her from the scene, Noel did the same with Rukia.

Every single person in the audience clapped as the two girls were carried away but had to stop when they realized they had to stop their ongoing nosebleeds.

"Sniff..sniff…I…I'm n-never d-doing this again." wept the wedgied ninja as she and Rukia were brought into the tunnel entrance.

"N-neither a-am I." stuttered Rukia as Noel carried her.

Back in the ring Sakura, Misa and Kagome hung by their panties crying loudly wondering why no one had come to get them down.

"S-Somenone! P-Please get me d-down before my p-panties…r-rip!" pleaded Kagome as she heard her childish panties begin to stretch. But no paid her any attention or the two other girls who hung from the ice hooks.

"Well everyone I think we all enjoyed tonight. And better yet I think we'll enjoy tomorrow night's match all the much more." Jiraiya said pulling himself back up and talking into his mic.

"Oh I know I will." commented Roshi from his mic still on the floor.  

"Well tomorrow night's match is a bra and panties match! Againg weshall have six constants! But we'll leave that to be a surprise for you. Ladies and Gentlemen from us working at the W.A.W.W.E hope you had a great time and have a good night." Jiraiya said signing off.

By this time Kagome's panties had ripped and she had fallen to the ground, Sakura and Misa were not so fortunate and still hung above the ring. Sakura cried her eyes out while Misa just had a blank stare. Up in Kon's private box…well if one was to look in it they would just see red. His nose bleed had become so great that it had filled the room. Now Kon drowned in his own blood eagerly awaiting the next night's match…

Originally this was just a prize request for :icondhim: from a previous contest^^ But as I wrote this I saw potential for it to become a series for the club:D So here it it ladies and gents the first chapter of the W.A.W.W.E series:D Enjoy^^

and now by the great:icondhim: an epic video of the Rukia vs Hinata portion of the match :D [link]

All character's belong to their owners.

Next match
The video game bra and panties match
Samus Aran
Noel Vermillion
Rebbecca(Resident evil)
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Rhunter42dragon Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2015
How is this a 6 way draw? Hinata and Rukia were the last ones left when they wedgied each other, so it should be a draw just between the two of them.
cortana246 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is great story,but i am sad the video has been taken down.. :( still amasing wedgies
gokudbzhammer Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
you make a video of this see if you can get dhim to make it
gokudbzhammer Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
like can you send all of your w.a.w.w.e if you have more than one send to
gokudbzhammer Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2011
when will you make another that was way to awesome and get to wear more kiddy underwear and they just wear bra and panties
Emonaruto97 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Student
If Naruto was there, I wonder what he thought? XD
This was awesome!
KingAkatsuki13 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
lol that would be funny to see his reaction to both girls defeat :giggle:
MrGrounder Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010
I hope Inuyasha was in the audience.
KingAkatsuki13 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
prehaps XD
davonne Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Hobbyist
lol funny stuff
KingAkatsuki13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Take it you enjoyed it^^
davonne Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist
I really did! ^_^
KingAkatsuki13 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Then I think you'll enjoy ch 2^^
Sparta-28 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2010
My favourite kind of ending: only the audience wins! I was hoping to see a simultaneous wedgie, and you delivered! Good show.
Godfire999 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010
what happened to sakura and misa?
KingAkatsuki13 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
They were just left hanging.
spank42 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2010
i would win that match

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